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Include ALL excel functions in SmartSheets



I spoke to a very helpful representative who was trying to help me extract ONLY the data that follows the "[A]:" below that pulls into one cell of the SS:

[Q:] What is your age? [please list age] [A:] 85

I figured out that the following formula works when you export the data into Excel but does not work in SS because the function does not exist:


Can we improve SS to include ALL the excel formulas so this function (and many others) can function in SS? Thank you!

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  • Adrian Mandile CHESS
    Adrian Mandile CHESS ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Andrew.Frisina,

    Generally, I agree that there should be more Excel-like functions available in Smartsheet.

    However, some of the newer Excel functions are simplifications of older ones.

    In your example, you could achieve the result of "85", by using existing functions as follows:

    =SUBSTITUTE(QuestionAnswer@row, LEFT(QuestionAnswer@row, FIND("[A:]", QuestionAnswer@row) + 4), "")

  • bgummin

    I find it much easier to work in Excel for formulas because they are simpler. One example for textafter use is getting the domain from an email address. Excel is easy: "=TEXTAFTER(B9,"@")" The Smartsheet solution is long and hard to figure out. I kept getting errors. Luckily, we just upgraded to Enterprise and I was able to use AI to generate: =MID(Email@row, FIND("@", Email@row) + 1, LEN(Email@row)).