Front end sales invoicing and inventory management


Is anyone using Smartsheet for inventory managament coupled with invoining in the field? Is there an app that helps with this process? We have 80 people in the field with "warehouse inventory" delivering, selling, and returningstock on a daily basis.


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    Hi @Steve_B1

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    Yes, but if it would work for you depends on the specifics.

    Can you describe your process in more detail? That would make it easier to help.

    I hope that helps!

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  • Steve_B1
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    Route person delivers to a store, sells 4 of x and 2 of y (30 possible SKUs), takes back 6 junk units. Inventory off the truck through sales and junk into the truck inventory. Rinse repeat. End of day place a PO for resupply (form, to sheet, to table, to SAP through Data Shuttle) also creates a PO Return (to supplier) to alleviate junk units in inventory. Store would need an invoice (automation based on sales form, create a PDF, email to proper site). Trying to find something already created to reduce manual processes and endless drop down or branching maintenance.