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"All Fields" & Footers in Email Notifications - Revert back!

While I understand wanting to update the design of our email notifications, the changes are causing major problems for me and other users. I'm adding this as a Product Idea so people can more easily upvote and bring it to the attention of Smartsheet.

The new design of the emails now only shows the first 15 rows of a sheet, even if the workflow for notification has show "All Fields" selected. This is cutting into my productivity as I used the notification email to setup the projects with all the information readily available. If the "All Fields" is selected, the email should show all the fields. Changing that can be controlled by the individual setting up the notification in workflows.

Additionally, the removal of the lines between rows negatively impacts the ability to quickly scan the email for the information provided...even without all the field included. This should be brought back. For those who like this change, why not have a formatting option available so people can choose to turn this on or off.

The loss of the footer to the emails is an extreme miss to be able to inform the receiver of the context for the email.

Please see comments from additional users in this Feature Announcement Thread:

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Thank you for providing feedback on this update to email functionality. We gathered customer experience and research insights to inform the changes we made and rely on the ongoing input from our customers to inform subsequent updates. Please note that all fields are present in the update Form when the option is selected- the change only removes them from the email to improve readability and limit scrolling. Eliminating the Workflow ID was a miss- thank you for pointing that out. UPDATE: We have added back in the Workflow ID and Sheet Name to the footer of the email.


  • Thank you for submitting this, Jaime! Due to the recent changes we had to switch to an Alert email instead of the Update Request because the Update Request emails became unhelpful and led to missed follow up. We would like to be able to use the Update Requests if the full content of the email was restored.

  • Thank you so much! It's painful and cutting into our productivity also with way too many click rates! I'm having to open up the request and copy the details back over before forwarding an email now.

  • NickS
    NickS ✭✭

    Thanks for raising this topic. I've also had to adjust multiple update requests to be email alerts instead. I do appreciate the new look but would prefer if the limit was lifted. Even if it can't be, please warn us when adding more than 15 columns to an update request.

  • Lama
    Lama ✭✭

    Yeah, fully AGREE. Please BRING BACK THE OLD LAYOUT.

  • Thanks for creating this topic thread (and NickS for the idea to change to email alerts, I'll try that). But the old way was working great! And, having the footer helped me as an admin troubleshoot automation problems. Will be much harder without it.

  • dmalin
    dmalin ✭✭

    When we send out an update request within Smartsheet, I would like the receiver to still see all the fields that are chosen and also be able to add comments and approve all from the email. We would like to avoid the receiver from having to go into Smartsheet. This was changed in one of the recent updates.

  • Agreed,

    I use automation to generate thousands of emails and responses. The missing information on the emails cause large reduction in efficiency of the teams i have using the tools.

    The new design is nice but not having visibility to all of the fields that were supposed to be included in the email is a large flaw.

  • firestorm
    firestorm ✭✭✭

    Are we going to have all the fields displayed in the email notifications?

  • beckyb27
    beckyb27 ✭✭✭✭

    Need to see all fields in email ASAP.

  • We really need the all fields in email back!