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Open multiple sheets in a New Window/Tab option

Mike Wilday
Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I am constantly working between reports, sheets, and apps. I need the capacity to open a linked sheet or a new sheet in a new tab/window. The workflow for opening multiple sheets in a new window is tedious and time-consuming. It would benefit your administrative users to be able to open more than one sheet at a time in a new window. I am frequently working on adding workflows to a set of sheets in a workspace and doing this one at a time is tedious and prone to error. I need to be able to open multiple sheets in a new window so I can be sure that I am not missing sheets as I open them one at a time.

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Available Now! · Last Updated

The desktop app now supports multi-window functionality! You can move a Smartsheet item in the desktop app to a new window by right-clicking the tab and selecting the “Move Tab to Another Window” drop-down option.