Referencing a Title Widget on another Sheet


I have a dashboard that shows a variety of metrics and data. We were previously using the formula MAX([Modified]:[Modified] to show the last update to the project plan. However, what we found was that any small change to the plan gave the impression that the dashboard was completely up to date, when there were still some other updates needing to occur.

In our project portfolio rollup, we want to be able to show the latest meaningful update to the dashboard for an executive summary. We are currently using a Title Widget with the text Last Update: XX/XX/XXXX to show when the last update to the dashboard occurred.

Is there a way to reference from a title widget on a dashboard to a sheet?



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    You can use the Metric Widget and reference a cell you change the date manually. (One place I use frequently is the Sheet Summary section)

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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