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Contact List Components: build a contact via formula


This is probably a pretty common request but it's frustrating me on a project right now so thought I'd bring it up.

My idea is that Smartsheet make Contact List components accessible via logic and object calls. For instance if:

Smartsheet.Objects.ContactList(Firstname, Lastname, Email)

So if you have a columns containing Firstname, Lastname, and Email individually, you could have a function that builds the contact list field by doing something like =ContactList([Firstname]@row, [Lastname]@row, [Email]@row) thus building a contact from individual parts. That would make using forms to populate contacts much more usable.

Or in something like an update request or alert. Have the ability to pull individual components like:

Hello {{ClientContactCol.Firstname}},

If you have any questions, please contact your attorney at {{AttorneyContactCol.Email}}.

This would be very useful.


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