Integration of interactive maps into Smartsheet.EU

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well!

We are currently looking for a way to integrate maps into Smartsheet.EU (based on a database of distribution partners managed in Smartsheet). The purpose would be to filter locations (e.g. by postcode) to get a quick overview of possible partners for a given area and to determine the best routes based on their location. Ideally, the results should be visible live on the dashboard.

During our search, we discovered Mapsly. Mapsly seems to meet all our requirements, but unfortunately, according to Mapsly support, an integration with the Smartsheet EU region is not possible. 

Therefore I would like to ask the following question: Does anyone know of an alternative way or a 3rd party application to integrate maps into Smartsheet.EU with the ability to filter by specific criteria and also be able to plan routes?

Thanks in advance, Simon