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Control Center - Global Update for Conditional Formatting


We would love to have the capability to push new conditional formatting using global update for provisioned project sheets. We have over 200 projects and whenever we get new ask for new conditional formatting (since things change all the time), it's a huge manual hours to go through and update each provisioned project with conditional formatting on source sheets.

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While updating conditional formatting through global updates is not part of our current plan, we appreciate you sharing this idea! Please keep commenting to explain your specific use case as we gather more information – your feedback plays a big role in shaping our decisions for the future.


  • Joe Goetschel
    Joe Goetschel ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Need it!!!

    Joe Goetschel | Smartsheet Director | SCS CLOUD - Smartsheet Partner

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    "The only real limitation of Smartsheet is the level of effort required to achieve your goal."

  • Jennifer Sloane

    It's disappointing that this isn't on the horizon. If someone wants new conditional formatting or to change any conditional formatting across all projects - say, that everything with a due date in the past gets red text and we need to change it so that it only turns red if it's 3 days overdue - then we have to manually add this condition to every. single. project. sheet. from. scratch. that is several DAYS worth of work across all the sheets we use. being able to push out conditional formatting globally or to all sheets in a given folder or workspace would allow us to move ahead in about 5 minutes.

  • Tim Starkey
    Tim Starkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Big upvote from me on this. In general, I would love to see more "control" in control center. In theory, anything we can set in a sheet, would like to be able to adjust it in control center.

    • Conditional formatting
    • Base formatting (by column)
    • Have it work with sheet summary fields
    • Sheet automations / notifications

    Anything that gets changed in the template and needs to be pushed out to all the provisioned projects. It would be awesome.

    Here are some other posts addressing the gaps in CC ability to format/update sheets:

    Control Center Global Update and adding a new external reference — Smartsheet Community

    SCC Global Update - Add number formatting — Smartsheet Community

    Control Center: Allow word wrap as a column option — Smartsheet Community

    TBH, I have quite a few updates I would like to push out through CC, but have been holding off knowing that there will be gaps in what it can do, and there will be a lot of post push cleanup.

  • Jamie K
    Jamie K ✭✭

    Yes we definitely need this!

  • SashaZ
    SashaZ ✭✭✭

    Definitely need conditional formatting as a possibility for global updates.

  • LauraD
    LauraD ✭✭

    This!!! We use formatting to help indicate where information should be entered or where it is not needed. Updating each sheet takes forever!

  • Sherry Fox
    Sherry Fox ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree, this is a major need, and as part of the Enterprise package. I do not want to see a feature like this as part of the Premium packages. My company does not have the premium packages, so that means I am the one that does all the manual updates.

    Sherry Fox

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    JUST PJM ✭✭✭
    edited 05/23/24

    This is an essential feature we would love to have in control center. If there are many projects it takes a lot of time especially as setting conditional formatting (sometimes multiple per sheet!). Updating conditional formatting is one of most time consuming activities. Control Center's essential feature is to reduce maintenance efforts on a portfolio level. So I am wondering that this is not yet part of the package. Definitely a must have requirements compared to new released features like AI, dashboard coloring, etc… A must have vote from my side. Thanks to the Smartteam product management for considering any implementation. To everybody that is using Control center→ Please vote for this feature

  • DrAlexH
    DrAlexH ✭✭

    Tech companies are going to be working with a progressively lower-skilled employee population. Further, the software landscape is moving faster than ever due to AI, among other things. Lower-tech-savvy folks need easier-to-use files for project management. Colors and conditional formatting are an enormous part of how we can do that for them. It liberates otherwise lower-tech-ability folks to have a WAY bigger impact in the world because they can now be a part of getting something to scale. (as opposed to in 2005… everyone was technical). This is good for the world. Join the movement, smartsheet!

    Conditional formatting and making sheets/reports/tools easier to use, by accommodating them with on-demand company-wide changes that populate into all desired assets, by choice of the builder, would be such a gift.

    Just today I'm facing having to spend 8+ hours rolling out formatting changes alone. Invariably there will be more improvements in formatting to be made in the future as I roll out the system to my teams. Having to do it sheet by sheet is an absurd cost for something so rudimentary.

    I request that you do one or more of these, ordered from best-case to minimum necessary case:

    1. Whole Org conditional formatting rules that can push to every sheet, with control as to what row of the conditional formatting dialogue box it should land in each sheet. The PPM specialist should have the ability to select single files, folders, and workspaces, by type and location, to push the formatting to, or to avoid pushing the formatting. Selectivity in what gets pushed and where it gets pushed to, would be so so valuable. I want this for 3 years from now.
    2. For now, much of my pain would be solved with the ability to copy-paste formatting from one file and apply it to a similar file, either completely replacing the receiving files' formatting, or being additive to the existing formatting rules within it.
    3. I could even benefit from just drag and drop functionality

    I find it alarming and concerning that smartsheet does not have this feature. We've been using the tool for almost a year, and this week and weekend was the first time I pushed heavily to enhance my own working ability in smartsheet, and the team's productivity by overhauling much of our PPM system. I foresee many more such large builds as we scale. I may have to solve cop this problem by hiring VA's from overseas because the tedium of regenerating the exact same rules on countless sheet is going to drive me to insanity.

    Smartsheet, please give us copy-paste functionality for conditional formatting. STAT! Folks have been asking for it since at least as far back as 2016. Here's just one of many:

  • DrAlexH
    DrAlexH ✭✭

    " - then we have to manually add this condition to every. single. project. sheet. from. scratch. that is several DAYS worth of work across all the sheets we use. "

    == SUCH a waste of human capital in this world.

    "…would allow us to move ahead in about 5 minutes." Yup.

    And here I sit, as CEO of our company having fought with a similar problem. I am mind-blown.🤯🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    There are a few UI pieces of smartsheet, that if done well (colors, formatting, basic appearance stuff) it would unlock smartsheet to the entire world of B2C SaaS companies like us, and it would become THE go-to PPM software for startups. But I suspect it's mostly B2B companies working in smartsheet because you just can't get talented consumer-facing folks to want to interact with software that induces so much setup time-waste and color/appearance-based headaches. I told my teams "don't touch it until I polish it" and it's been an entire week, mostly because of insufficient color choices and copy-pasting of conditional formatting.