SCC Fails to update links error

One issue we are having is automation from SCC at job creation to send specific information from a project to Intake sheet.

Here is what logic we applied and the error we get, can you look and maybe advise a solution for us?

  1. On Intake Sheet, we have the fields “PS Start Date” and “PS End Date” that are set push from Smartsheet to Salesforce

  1. On our Metadata Template we have fields “PS Start Date” and “PS End Date” that are linked to Project Template start and end dates

  1. On our SCC Connector setting Profile Data Selection we did not check boxes because we do not want to push these values from Intake to Metadata

  1. We have a 2nd summary blueprint as the Intake and source primary is Metadata

  1. The blueprint summary forces fields (I can’t “uncheck” them) but at least my 2 data of concern are checked

  1. When we create a project we get this error and the data is not updated into Intake for push to Salesforce