Control Center Multi-Tier References

I'm looking to create a project provision that uses a catalog that exists on the parent level, but when I provision a project using these links, it links to the blueprint catalog, not the provisioned parent project catalog. Is there any way to rectify this? I thought that links would propagate based on the blueprint structure.

I.E. I want a sheet that index/match searches a catalog for a product code and brings in the price and description information, but the catalog itself needs to exist on the tier above the provisioned project. How can I arrange the array references to handle this interaction?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jonathan Gann

    You should be able to either reference a sheet within your same template set-up (e.g. if the referenced sheet is provisioned at the same time as the current sheet, like when you save a folder as new), or reference a static, outside sheet (so if you only have one catalogue sheet as a reference for all your projects).

    However it sounds like your set-up may be a little different. At this point I would recommend booking a Pro Desk session so you can go through your current configuration with someone over a screen share and they can provide guidance on how best to set up your references moving forward. Here's information on Pro Desk and here's the Pro Desk booking page.