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Calendar View

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New to Smartsheets but I've created individual project sheets and I've taken key production data, specifically dates and linked them to a Master Production Schedule sheet.

I've added the customer name as the parent and each stage of production as a child which allows me to see customer names and all of the steps in production.  I use a template to replicate the exact same descriptions, etc each time to eliminate typing.

I've added filters by operation in order to give the guys on the floor a view into their work load.

As one example (pictured) I've filtered by CNC cutting and edgebanding which is one distinct part of our production cycle.  I can see the Gantt details for that one operation and the customer name.

When I switch to Calendar View which is a more impactful visual for scheduling production I lose all of the customer names (parents) - I see I have a potential problem from this view but I have no idea which jobs are overlapping.

Other than having to edit every task name, which likely renders the filtering useless, is there some way to attach or view the parent name over/in/under the calendar entry for the task?


Capture - Calendar View.JPG

Capture - Gantt View.JPG


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