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Data Shuttle Formatting for Multi Select Fields


In a world that looks at automations and limit human intervention to reduce risk and resources, the standardization of how data is imported and exported through Data Shuttle is inconsistent forcing human intervention as a work around. It would be helpful if the export/offload of multi select fields through Data Shuttle can use the same format when importing/uploading data through Data Shuttle.

Currently, options selected in a multi select dropdown are merged into a single cell with line breaks into a .csv file. Without making any changes and uploading the same exact file through Data Shuttle to another sheet, it does NOT recognize the selections as multiple, but groups them into a single dropdown choice. The only ways I have determined to bypass this is to have a human manually open the column properties which clearly shows them in a list as multiples, click OK (without making any changes whatsoever) to have them broken out. The other option is to have human intervention to manipulate the .csv file or create a very long and extensive formula that may not cover the # of options in a dropdown to break the cell's options out to individual rows before the upload to the target sheet.

Below is how data is imported through Data Shuttle without any human intervention from an offload of data through Data Shuttle using a Smartsheet attachment.

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