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provide ability to add links in a Form

I have a case where when the user opens up the Smartsheet form, if specific conditions are met a link to a file should appear. Currently this is impossible to do. either provide the ability to easily put a link in a field within the form OR embed a form within a form would be ideal. With the link option, we should be able to provide a URL name and the link, the same way the Hyperlink functionality works within a Smartsheet.

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  • Rick Benton
    Rick Benton ✭✭✭

    I have this same issue where mobile users are taking more photos allowed in a single submittal. Being able to paste a link to a Box or OneDrive folder would be a great work-around!

  • abutler
    abutler ✭✭

    There is an area when customizing a field to add hyperlinks under the "Help Text" section. We have a form for submitting results from product testing. The links are provided for testing procedures.

    I'm unsure what kind of criteria you require for the link to display, but I would think the logic function of a Smartsheet form would get you there. If necessary, I would make a useless column/field to be able to show the help text (w/ hyperlink) based on met criteria.

    I hope this is helpful and I understood the question correctly.

  • Thank you for this work around, it worked!