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Folders in Bridge Workspace

Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Currently for enterprise licenses (maybe for all licenses?) the enterprise shares access to a group Bridge workspace or 'directory', if you will, where all workspaces for all users reside. As a user, I can create multiple workspaces for my different needs but I cannot keep all of my workspaces collected together. One worry is that a novice user may inadvertently wander into one of my workspaces, change the connected integration and disable all of my workflows in that workspace - simply because they don't realize they were in my workspace. A folder, where an individual could at least keep all of their workspaces, collected could help with the visual organization of this group workspace. As a first step the folders wouldn't have to have any permission capabilities - just allow us to collect workspaces for better organization the way folders behave in the native smartsheet platform.

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