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Smartsheet Calendar App Enhancement Requests



My team and I have been using the Smartsheet calendar app ( for various tasks recently, and have come across a few instances where additional customization would greatly improve the final product.

Is it possible to have the ability to:

  • Remove the gridlines from either all of or the main body of the calendar
  • Adjust the column widths for the grouping columns on the left side of the file or have them auto-scale based on the included text
  • Remove the shadow behind each of the tiles so it doesn't appear elevated
  • Cleanly stack the task details rather than them being added onto the end of the previous name/detail/visible item. So each item is on it's own line.
  • Remove the month and day dates that show up in the date/quarter header rows. We'd prefer to just see just the quarter and year vs having the month and day range included
  • If we're unable to remove the month and day range, is it possible to custom select the fiscal days in the visible months? My org has a fiscal start month that doesn't align with calendar, which can be edited now, but we also go to the deeper level of the fiscal weeks within those months being unique, so the standard Jan 01 to March 31 doesn't align with our understandably unique situation.
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