Smartsheets and Barcodes

biotechguy ✭✭
edited 04/17/23 in Smartsheet Basics

Hey all,

I recently followed the guide Smartsheet has posted on their site: but I've reached a point where I'm stuck.

I downloaded the appropriate fonts and got the barcodes to show up on the excel file, but when I input into Smartsheet, the data in the barcode column comes back as "#UNPARSEABLE". I looked for alternative solutions where I could just populate the barcode column with an image of the barcode derived from excel, but the "Picture" function is greyed out on my phone when I access the sheet from there.

I have the excel generated barcodes printed out (Code 39) but Smartsheet doesn't recognize them and I can't find a function to input the image into the "Barcode" tab for reference. Any ideas?