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statistics on multi projetcs



I am working on many project and my boss want me to say which task is finish in advance, in time or late compare to the initial date calculated.


when the project is finished we want to know which tasks are good and which are wrong.

the task drawing start the 2015 01 01  and must be finish the 2015 01 30

if the real finish date is 2015 01 15 he want to show green 50% time win

if the real time is 2015 01 30 he want to show yellow 0% time win

if the real time is 2015 02 15 he want to show red 50% time late

Someone know how to do that ?


  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Philippe you are describing a requirement that many companies use in Smartsheet and it addresses that need really well. 

    It is all about capturing all the data triggers and the columns needed for either recording activity or for formulas to carry out calcs in. It is not an easy one to give a quick answer to, but it is what we do for a living for dozens of companies around the world. 

    So, if you can find some budget for us to do this for you/with you, then let me know. If there is no budget then I suggest you do the best you can and ask support if they can assist, they are really good. Thisis quite doable with a little design care. 

    Regards Richard Rymill 


  • Hi Philippe,



    Screenshot is attached for reference.

    Please let me know if you are looking into this type of solution.

    My Contact info. can be found at my profile



    Begin Date should be scheduled begin date.

    End Date should be actual end date.

    Percentage Value is calculated assuming 30-days=100-Percent.



  • Hi Philippe,


    There is a discussion for Formatting with a range of Dates at



    My Comment and attached screenshot in the above discussion will be also helpful.


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