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Change the order of Roles/View As within Workapp


I have not been able to find a way to change the order of roles within the workapp once they are created. It would be beneficial to have the opportunity to change the order of the roles within a workapp once new roles are added to allow for the most important role to be seen first when you enter a workapp followed by the next important role, etc. It is unprofessional if you have a Home role acting as a landing page, but this does not appear as the first role when you enter the workapp.

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  • Jason Hamman

    Adding to this - staff can have more than one role within a WorkApp. In my use case, a supervisor can have the role "Assign & Review" (where they assign and review new requests to our team's work portfolio) and "Portfolio Review" (which supports a weekly leadership team meeting to review larger requests impacting the division). Logically, you don't review the portfolio before you assign / review the initial request and yet, that's the order the supervisor sees.

    This is an "of course" feature that is notably absent.

  • Melissa Farley

    From an end-user perspective, this is frustrating at best and sounds like it would be a pretty easy win.

  • Jeremy W.

    In addition, I hope for the capability for users to navigate directly to the role they intend to view first. Perhaps, if users could bookmark a static link to their intended 'View as,' it would prevent unnecessary loading of roles, making access to the content more efficient and enhancing the overall end-user experience.