Resource Management Projects - Previous Hours

KCrownover ✭✭
edited 07/05/23 in Resource Management

Hi there! Is there a way to add existing hours to a project? We used a different time tracking tool and have switched to Resource Management. I'd like to add the existing hours to projects that we moved over to Resource Management. Thank you!!


  • HeatherD.
    HeatherD. Moderator

    Hi @KCrownover,

    If you use the Resource Management Panel in Smartsheet, you can definitely do this! Here is a brief outline of how it could work:

    • Import the data from your old system into Smartsheet
    • When building your project sheet, you'll want to be sure that these 5 columns are populated for all rows that you want to sync:
      • Primary Column (usually the task name)
      • Start Date
      • End Date
      • Assigned To
      • Allocation %
    • In project settings, enable dependencies and turn on Resource Management, then select the Allocation % column.
    • Use the Resource Management button from the right menu bar to access the Resource Management Panel. You'll want to follow the steps in About the Resource Management Panel to ensure your connection is made correctly.
    • You'll be able to either select an existing project in Resource Management, or create a new one from the project in Smartsheet.

    I hope this helps! If you have any difficulty with the connection, Troubleshoot Resource Management panel connection may be a helpful resource to you.