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Request - add # cells referenced to the right tool bar

Add a count for the number of cells reference in the sheet to the Activty Log and "Manage Reference" panel.

I am constantly hitting the 100,000 cells or 25,000,000 cells reached.

I want to get a heads up before my sheet crashes.

If there is a count, I can see if my changes are working or not.

The count should show which cell or column has the most references.

Also, make the columns adjustable, and add a scroll bar to the "Manage Reference" panel.


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  • Smartsheets lose the ability to be edited/saved when they hit a certain number of cross-sheet references (250,000 by default) on a given sheet. This is not hard to do on the central management sheet of a system.

    As currently there is no way to see what a given sheet is up to, this loss of functionality can seemingly come out of nowhere too.

    As such, I propose the ability to see a total count of cell references on the Manage References panel, as well as some kind of early warning (Perhaps an email to the owner, though preferably something more persistent as a reminder) to alert that a sheet is approaching that limit.

    Ideally, that alert would be dynamic to the number of references a given row would add, so you could know when you are, say, 20 rows or less from the limit. (Rather than just a certain number of cell references themselves)