Dashboards activity logs not showing other user activity


I have multiple workspaces along with my coworkers. In one workspace, I have multiple dashboards. These dashboards are only showing my activity (I'm the owner) for views, updating, or downloads. Many other dashboards that I own in other work spaces are working properly showing dashboard views. I have also opened a ticket with Smartsheet but didn't get reported issue answer (different answer for a different question was provided). Still awaiting response for the original question/issue. Has anyone had issues like this and able to resolve themselves? Activity log not updating? I do notice some sheets in the workspace show views but not these dashboards which are being viewed but not logging.

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  • Andrew Laney
    Andrew Laney ✭✭
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    It appears that the issue was fixed over the evening or early this morning. I am now seeing viewing activity work with the Dashboards once again. It did not populate the missing activity between 4/19 and 4/25 but it is now correctly looking viewing activity on the dashboards this morning