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Remove Column Headers in Report Widget

Report Widgets when using only 1 column are very difficult to design and integrate into a dashboard. You can either not have a title but then it does not match other widgets or use a title but then it basically has 2 titles. See below images.

Without title:

With Title:

The option to remove the column headers would allow for a more seamless design

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  • Galexa0711
    Galexa0711 ✭✭✭

    I completely agree with this. having duplicated information with a title and a column header is visually unappealing. Being able to remove headers when only pulling in data not a full report like below. I created two reports to pull in different data from sheet and didn't really need column headers on the data at all so now it looks weird.

    Sheet Headers:

    Dashboard view:

    Gina Alexander

    Business Analyst Consultant, Client Delivery Assurance | Optum Insight Provider Market