How can I create a chart on the dashboard with multiple lines showing trends?

I have a sheet below that will be updated every month. The goal is to see trends throughout the month. There will be separate charts for the last 2 columns (Claims and $ Value). What my thinking is having Month on the Horizontal Axis and Claims or $ Value on the Vertical Axis. There will be 22 lines, each representing a warehouse. I want to avoid having to create 2 seperate sheets (one for claims and one for $ Value). Any ideas on how to achieve?

Example of chart I am thinking of creating:


  • Hello,

    Admittedly this may not be the best method, but it will work.

    Using a SmartSheet Dashboard, you are able to add graphs, including the line graph you have referenced. However, the current formatting of your data will not create the multiple lines you have shown and requested.

    I would recommend creating formulas to pull data from your long, vertical list into separate sections and columns by city. Perhaps you could even pull data into an entirely different sheet to keep everything cleaner. I did not perform this formula manipulation, but you can see the image below of the needed format for the data to produce the multiple lines.

    On the dashboard, clicking the pencil icon in the top right and then the plus icon on the righthand navigation bar allows you to add items, including charts. From there, just reference the correct data sets and the graphs are quite straightforward.

    I hope this helps.