Mass Ticking Checkboxes in Dynamic View

Sara H
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Has anyone created a solution or work around for mass ticking checkboxes in Dynamic View (vs opening each line item one by one, clicking the checkbox, and saving)? I have a view set up for people who are not in our department so they don't have access to any sensitive information but I'd like them to be able to check off whether or not the people shown on each row attended an event each quarter.



  • Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson Overachievers

    There's no bulk edits in Dynamic View. You could address this by doing:

    1) Indent the individual items under a row in the same sheet that has a formula to join the approval item names (or some info) into a single cell. Something like =JOIN(CHILDREN(Description@row), ",')

    2) Add a Parent Approval checkbox column. Add a Child Approval checkbox column. Then add a column formula to Child Approval that checks the approval checkbox on the children by checking the status of the approval checkbox on the parent. Something like =IF(PARENT([Parent Approval]@row=true,true)

    3) Add a Children Count column with the column formula =COUNT(Children())

    4) Create a filter in your sheet to filter for Children Count>0

    5) Add a Dynamic View that filters for the Children Count>0 filter and includes the Parent Approval checkbox and the combined Description cell from step 1. This will give you a View that provides your approvers with a summary of the items that need approval, and a single checkbox to approve all of them. You can of course also maintain the other Dynamic View too if you want to approve individual items also.




  • jan aelbrecht
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    wow that looks complicated, but in this case it's all or nothing. I'm interested to check in a dynamic view 7 of the 10 task that are shown iso opening them one by one.