How can I update Jira comments via Smartsheet (and vice versa)

I use Smartsheet with the Jira Connector (I am on Jira Data Center) for project management. I make frequent updates to the “latest comments” column in Smartsheets to provide commentary on certain Jira cards. The issue with this is that comments about cards are either in Smartsheet, or in Jira, but not both.

Here’s an example of why that’s relevant:

I have a daily call to talk about one of my projects. On that call I present a Smartsheet with all of the project cards and relevant Jira fields that we need to review. I ask the devs for the amount of time needed for them to complete a card and to give any relevant details about that card, which I’ll add in the Smartsheet comments. So for example, I might write something like “dev has 5 more hours of work remaining, but needs to discuss ___ issue with ___ team member.”

Throughout the day, I might be sent a Jira card by an outside party and asked about its progress. I'll open the card to see its details, so that I can let the requestor know what the status of it is. However, the previously discussed comment that we updated in the daily call is not visible in Jira, as there is no connector between Smartsheet comments and Jira comments. So if I’m looking at a card in Jira, I have to go pull up the Smartsheet to see what the last thing we commented on that card was. Then I can copy and paste that comment into the Jira comments, which is duplicating work.

 I was wondering if there was a connector that would pull Smartsheet comments into Jira cards, and update Smartsheet with comments that are added to the Jira card directly.


  • Ward.Hively
    Ward.Hively ✭✭✭✭

    Hello JennaDobs,

    I saw this has been sitting unanswered for awhile and I figured I’d try my best!

    I am not familiar with the Jira connector but ChatGPT offered some questionable insight.

    See below:

    The simple answer is yes. Here is my suggestion:

    1. Go to the Jira Connector Settings in Smartsheet.
    2. Select the "Comments" tab.
    3. Click on the "Enable Jira Comments" toggle.
    4. Enter the Jira credentials to connect to Jira.
    5. Select the Jira project that you want to connect to.
    6. Map the Smartsheet columns to the Jira fields that you want to update. This can include fields like Summary, Description, Comments, and more.
    7. Save the settings.

    Once you've set up the Jira Connector, you can update the Smartsheet comments from Jira by adding comments directly to the Jira card. These comments will be synced to the Smartsheet comments column automatically.

    Likewise, if you update the Smartsheet comments column, those changes will be reflected in Jira. This means you'll have a two-way sync between Jira and Smartsheet comments, making it easier to keep track of project updates and progress without duplicating work.

    Additionally, you may need to work with your IT team to ensure that the necessary permissions and security protocols are in place for the integration


    There are some help pages on the Smartsheet website if this didn’t answer your question.

    Good Luck!

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