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I'm working on a quarterly goal review process. I need to keep all employees in the department on one main sheet with each employees' manager noted in a contact column. Then I've created a dynamic view based on current user (for the manager contact column) so each manager can view and evaluate the goals for each of their employees. I'm trying to figure out how to be able to filter the dynamic view so the manager can see the columns for a specific quarter or all quarters for their team. I can't figure out the best way to do this from the main sheet because I have multiple columns for each quarter. Any suggestions? Here's an example sheet for reference:


  • ker9
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    Hi @Lorraine Stevens

    In the Dynamic View - the actual view (not the setup) in the upper left corner there is an option to create filters. You can create a shared filter for each quarter. The managers can also create their own filters.

    Not sure if this answers your question or not.