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"Send from" contacts in a cell or specific person enhancement

We need the ability to "Send from specific people" and/or "Send from contacts in a cell".

Here is our case study: We have 90 licenses at a university. The Registrar's Office owns the account (the organization), but only 10 of the licenses. Even within the Registrar's Office we have multiple area shared emails that should be the "Send from" for our various forms. For instance: residency@, petitions@, ro.records@, registration@, va@, graduations@, curriculum@, schedule@, official.statements@, etc.

We do add the correct email in the body of the message, but invariably students just reply to the notification that we send, sending a response to the wrong person. Or they don't read the messaging because they don't know who the "Sheet Owner" is and the notification looks like spam.

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