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Separate reply-to email address for auto emails



I'd like to vote for the feature of a separate reply-to email address when setting up auto emails. I'm the owner of a large number of sheets, and despite it not necessarily being a problem that emails appear to come from me, i'm having a huge issue with the large number of replies i receive. Despite adding text in the email to say not to reply, people will always still reply!

This feature would be a huge help and support in directing communication to the correct team as soon as possible.

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  • Jill Freuden
    Jill Freuden ✭✭✭
    edited 05/09/23

    We need the ability to "Send from specific people" and/or "Send from contacts in a cell".

    Here is our case study: We have 90 licenses at a university. The Registrar's Office owns the account (the organization), but only 10 of the licenses. Even within the Registrar's Office we have multiple area shared emails that should be the "Send from" for our various forms. For instance: residency@, petitions@, ro.records@, registration@, va@, graduations@, curriculum@, schedule@, official.statements@, etc.

    We do add the correct email in the body of the message, but invariably students just reply to the notification that we send, sending a response to the wrong person. Or they don't read the messaging because they don't know who the "Sheet Owner" is and the notification looks like spam.

  • Linds_HPE
    Linds_HPE ✭✭✭

    Smartsheet should have more advanced capabilities for sending notifications/automated e-mails triggered by a workflow. Instead of being purely and simply an alert, customers and teammates need to be able to reply to automated Smartsheet e-mails.

    As the Smartsheet administrator for my organization I need to have the ability to point e-mail responses to an automated Smartsheet e-mail to the appropriate e-mail address/team so that they may be followed up on, as necessary. I also need the flexibility to send notifications/automated Smartsheet e-mails to both internal and external contacts.

  • Michal Luty


    If you set up workflow notification and customize it to "Send from my organization", it should be also an option to indicate the e-mail to which will be sent a reply. Now the replies goes to the owner of the sheet.

  • katheride
    katheride ✭✭✭

    Really wanting an update on this. The current situation causes multiple problems as the sheet owner has to handle all the communication or spend time forwarding messages to the right people.

  • AWentz
    AWentz ✭✭
    edited 05/07/24

    For an Enterprise plan, an auto-generated email for a Notification should not include the 'Reply-to' as the owner. There should be the ability to modify and change the email that is used for the Reply-to within the email header.

    Typically, I've seen systems where the auto-notifications are handled by a 'non-response' email, meaning, if a person replies back, they receive a message stating it was undelivered or a message stating the box is not monitored, etc. Just like if we respond to an auto-generated Smartsheet community post email we receive, if we reply back it goes to '' - because Smartsheet wouldn't want ONE owner receiving 1000s of emails. The same applies to our business cases.