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Proof notifications - Allow @mention notifications on Proofs to users not shared to sheet

Neil Egsgard
Neil Egsgard ✭✭✭✭✭

For comments in Proofing window, allow @mention notifications to users not shared to sheet. Currently, if someone is @mentioned on a Proof comment they have to be shared to the sheet to receive a notification. In many cases, confidential information is on the sheet and person commenting should only see the comment and not have access to the entire sheet. If someone has access to the Proof but not the sheet there is not way to notify them about comments in the Proofing window.

Here is a link to a Smartsheet community discussion on the topic including confirmation from developers that this functionality does not exist.

When I used WorkApps, I had the above functionality.

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  • Neil Egsgard
    Neil Egsgard ✭✭✭✭✭

    Further testing of WorkApps reveals significant issues with @mentions. When a report is used to filter out row, an @mention generates an email notification with two big issues.

    1. The name does not autocomplete so the full email address must be entered.
    2. The notification shows the row on the sheet not on the report and the recipient must search the report to find the primary value.

    @mentions in WorkApps for Proofs and Reports need major improvements.

  • PDunn
    PDunn ✭✭✭✭✭

    yes we need the feature to collaborate with a team member that hasn't been invited to the proof. I don't always want to invite 12 people to the review, but many times the reviewers need to collaborate with someone on their team for feedback and we do not want to invite to the proof or the sheet. You need to create a customer feedback meeting with the product owner of the proofing feature to improve this part of your system.