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Feature Request: We need advanced functions to connect and control multiple sheets

Adam R
Adam R
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I am a project manager at a construction company so we use Smartsheets pretty heavily for everything from vehicle mileage reporting to project forecasting. The single biggest improvement that I would like to be done for Smartsheets is for greater links between multiple sheets. We are thinking about migrating to Sage 100, a much more advanced project management solution for construction, but I think that Smartsheets could make some additions that would greatly increase it's functionality. 

Currently sheets are mostly individual pieces of information with minor links between sheets. What I would like to be able to do is to set up an entire project from the click of a button. Maybe I'm asking too much but I think the Smartsheets team could do it. 

Features Requested:

- Be able to link multiple templates to an entire project. e.g. in construction we would have a main sheet with all general information for a project, timeline, estimates, resource allocation, etc

- Generate a template automatically based on rules within a sheet or at the click of a button. A new column type could be create for a "smart button", which could create advanced functions like generating a new sheet off of a template based on the information within the row.

- Generate lists that are syncable across sheets. This would help with resource, personel and budget allocations. Currently dropdown menus are specific to each sheet and can not be linked across sheets. I can't find a way to effectively allocate resources across multiple projects. 


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Adam,

    I think we have some options for you. I've talked with our Customer Success team and we're going to have someone reach out to you via email ASAP so you can work with them in a more 1 on 1 atmosphere.

    Not exactly sure when they'll be able to send you an email, but if you don't get contacted in the next couple of days then reply back here and let me know!


  • w vans
    w vans ✭✭

    I'm interested in exactly this topic and hoping for update.

    Thank you.

    W Vans

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