Hot off the presses: Community Corner Newsletter! [May 2023]

Maxwell Griffith
Maxwell Griffith Employee Admin

Hi Smartsheet Community! I’m Max on the Community team. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and reactions to our first edition of the Community Corner - Alison did an amazing job of bringing it to life. As a result, you can expect this newsletter every two months!

Let’s get into what has been happening in the Smartsheet Community! Scroll down to learn about my role in the Community and supporting all of you.


Community highlights

Help us welcome some of our newest Member introductions in Show & Tell or look through the Trending section for more ways to connect.

Say hello to these Community Members 👋🏻

  1. @Sherry Fox here
  2. @Ken Armstrong here
  3. @frydaddy here

Popular ideas & feature requests (reviewed by the Product Team)!

  1. Editable Font Size and Colour for Data Labels on Charts by @Ben Nicholls
  2. From email name for smartsheet automations by @William Lupo
  3. Retain dashboard widget colors after selecting new data by @Khunt
  4. Work Insights on my Dashboard by @Sheila Julien

Community platform updates

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)

Smartsheet + Generative AI by Ben Canning, SVP of Product Management

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2022 & 2023 Product Certification badges now available!

More details

May Question of the Month + Badge

Share your answer

NOW AVAILABLE! Change column names without disrupting reports

Learn more

NEW! Dashboards Design Enhancements

Beautify your dashboards

Message from Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader

Manage data in a secure way     

New Groups + Perks launched for Leaders and Ambassadors

Leaders here, Ambassadors here*

*Learn the ways you can level up


Pass the mic 🎤 Community Champions

Community Champions are members who demonstrate product expertise and generosity in sharing best practices and support with others on the platform.

"Jump in, ask questions, share, and explore all the areas in the Community, like the Trending, Topics, and Best of sections, to find interesting information, tips and tricks."

@Andrée Starå


Member Appreciation 

This month's leaderboard

  1. @Cassi
  2. @Paul Newcome
  3. @Amber Eakin

Member spotlights

  1. @Katy H here
  2. @Melissa Boehl here


Overachiever's Motivation Mix

The Smartsheet Overachievers are here to give you the songs that will keep you going and keep you achieving! Here’s what’s on the playlist this quarter.

Manuel Turizo, "La Bachata"

“The reason why the song motivates me is simply because it makes me want to stand up and dance! Bachata chords always have that effect on me, even though I don’t know how to dance bachata at all. But it makes me feel like I am on a beautiful, paradisiac beach somewhere.”

@SofiRuizStudio Manager & Argentina Studio Lead at IQVIA, United States


More about me

If you haven’t gotten a chance to meet me in the Community yet, I’m Maxwell (you can call me Max) ✌️ the Sr. Web Producer for our Community Platform as well as for our website and Help and Learning center. I’m usually working behind the scenes ensuring the Community is a wonderful and functional place for our members to form connections without any interruptions.

A few things about me:

  1. I’ve worked at Smartsheet for nearly 3 years (anniversary approaching in July 2023). This has been my all time favorite job/role and I attribute this to all of YOU and my wonderful co-workers. 
  2. I grew up in Seattle, but I currently reside in Upstate NY with my fiancé, Emily, and dog, Finn.
  3. Outside of work I love to row, run, travel, and spend as much time as possible with friends and family. 
  4. My favorite band is Death Cab for Cutie, naturally being from the Pacific Northwest. Love moody music just as much as the weather in Seattle.

👉 My favorite tip 

A good way to level up and earn more badges within the Community is by doing the following: 1) Login to the Community 2) React to posts and comments. These are two extremely effective ways you can gain points and earn badges when reaching milestones (i.e. 5 up votes, 10 insightful, etc.) along your Community journey!

Until next time,

Maxwell from Smartsheet


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