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Allow 'Print' from attachment view or Proofing Features


Up until today, users were able to click on an attachment in a sheet which would pull up a view of the attachment in a new web tab. There was a print option in the web view of the attachment. Today clicking on an attachment takes you to a new Proofing Features view which doesn't have a print option.

Please either add the 'view' option with print access back for attachments or add a 'print' option from the Proofing View.

A workaround is to download every attachment that needs to be printed which adds steps and files to your storage. Below is another workaround that requires multiple steps and time.

Currently there are no directions to print your attached file using Proofing Features from a sheet. But there’s an alternative way to Print it out, please follow these steps below:

  • Send a Review request to yourself,
  • open the Proofing Page,
  • use shortcut keys Ctrl + P or Command + P to print from the browser.
  • The Proof and comments will be printed.
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