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Resource Management: Email Notification for Project Budget Thresholds

rshiers ✭✭✭✭

Notify project stakeholders when project budget is 50%, 80%, 100% consumed.

This would be a proactive notification for a Sales Account Manager or Project Manager working across many accounts/projects.

The project stakeholders could be identified/specified in the project settings, or if it is a Smartsheet linked project could be identified from the project metadata.

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  • I think this would be an excellent addition to the toolset. PM's are held to keeping things within budget and reporting on budgeted vs actuals and having the ability to be automatically notified (I would go one further and say the reporting intervals or %'s should be able to be customised by customers (based upon their individual company's reporting requirements) and automated to be run at customised intervals as well as ad-hoc times. (Weekly, every 2 weeks etc).