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Implement the capability to allow records to be moved to a different row and remain intact

This is in reference to the support case #06202095:

Summary of the case

I use a plugin called Smartsheet for Jira Connector to sync data between Jira and smartsheet. The issue is that when I move a record to a different row, at some point later the plugin will move it back to its original row automatically.

The support staff stated that this is working as designed. Their statement is: "whenever the workflow for the connection is ran, it writes all the data back to the sheet so it goes where it originally was placed".


My data report in smartsheet has 400+ records to date. I am seeing some existing records that sit somewhere in the middle got moved to the top of the report for some reason. I don't think those records belong in the top in the first place, so the "this is not working as designed" explanation does not apply in this scenario.


Regardless of why these issues happen, they are issues, they still need to be resolved. It is causing us to have a bad data report in smartsheet and it makes everyone in my team miss certain records that we need to action on. The bottom line is: We do not want the integration plugin to move any records around.

I was advised to raise this as a new feature request here. If this is not a bug then it is definitely poor design. We need this fixed.

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