Has anyone integrated smartsheets and Microsoft Powerapps?


I am attempting to use smartsheets as a data source in powerapps and then transfer the data from powerapps into a new row in smartsheets and was wondering if anyone has been able to extract data from smartsheets into powerapps and also transfer data back to smartsheets. There is little documentation on the formatting of formulas using smartsheets within powerapps and was wondering if someone could potentially provide their code and formulas so that I can see how they did it. Specifically I would like to create a gallery based on data from my smartsheet, and then create a data entry form that would be added to a new row in smartsheets when submitted. Thanks.



  • L_123
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    I have spent a bit of time attempting this, but with no success.

    I have however had success using chatgpt to write code to use the API of smartsheet to achieve a similar effect. I also before the existence of chatgpt managed to submit forms in smartsheet from excel by opening a webform in the background and using macros to fill out the form and submit it (all vba)

    Personally, with the ease of writing code with chatgpt (you'll almost certainly have to iterate a few times, but it's not bad if you're patient) I would recommend trying to use that tool to interact with the API.

  • SM_Trailhead

    Jack - I am also trying to accomplish the same thing. I successfully loaded sheet data into a gallery using Filter(Smartsheet.ListSheets().data, StartsWith(name, "Billing:"))  in "items" and I was able to build the code to attempt insert into a sheet but getting an error:

    here is the code to pass into InsertRow()


     {ProjectID: selProject.name,

      Hours: txt_hours.Text });

    // Creates Typed JSON



    //ParseJSON will return Untyped Object to pass as a row

    Smartsheet.InsertRow(<the numeric sheet ID here>, ParseJSON( JSONProjectHours ) )

    I am now just trying to debug the error and would appreciate anyone's help on this.. happy to report back if i fix it.


  • echopogi

    Any update on this thread? I am looking for the same solution.