Power Automate & Smartsheet: Requires 'String' But Is 'Float'


Has anyone who uses Power Automate with Smartsheet run into this issue before? I'm trying to set up a flow where when a sheet is updated, a row in SQL Server is updated. The error I'm getting is:

"ResponseSwaggerSchemaValidationFailure. The API 'smartsheet' returned an invalid response for workflow operation 'Get_a_sheet_data_(dynamic_schema)' of type 'OpenApiConnection'. Error details: 'The API operation 'GetSheetData' requires the property 'body/value/0/Amount' to be of type 'String' but is of type 'Float'.'"

The column in question consists of whole numbers. In Smartsheet, the column type is Text/Number, there doesn't seem to be a text-only type.

Would appreciate any suggestions