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Calendar view change start date with predessors


We really like the calendar view on smartsheet for our construction schedules. It is really easy for our project managers to look at tasks on the a certain job. (as well as what subcontractor is workig on it.

Is there a way to change the start date on a task even though it has predecessors. I know if you try to do that on the normal view it gives you a warning but then allows you to change it. (even though it would delete the predecessor which when adjusting a construction schedule would be ok) But in the calendar view is doesn't give you that option. So we have to constantly switch back and forth between calendar view and normal view to make the change which is a big pain.

Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Or is there a way to pay for someone to program this and allow us to use calendar view and give us this option.

See attached screenshot.

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