Conditional Cell Linking between a sheet and a form


I have created a form in Smartsheets which has different logic, depending on the user's response specific questions appear, and user inputs specific information. This gets created in a sheet in a different set of columns.

Reading this table which is directly being populated from the form can be difficult as one has to scroll left or right due to multiple logic applied in the form. Therefore, I require I fetch the data from the Form's sheet in a different sheet so that I can set it up properly.

For example: In Column 1, if a user response is Standard, it fills out information starting from column 8. Whereas if a user selects Custom option in Column 1, then its information starts from Column 5 and so on.

So is there a way that I can use formula that if column 1 is Standard then fetch data from here, i.e. from a different sheet and specific columns?

Thank you


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