Barcode Scanning for Small Barcodes


I'm not sure how popular the barcode scanning function is in Smartsheet, so I'm hoping there is a user base that can help me.

We have an asset inventory list that includes barcode values. The barcodes are Code-128, which is readable by Smartsheet.

The barcodes exist on stickers on each piece of equipment. The stickers are fairly small, but are completely legible. When I try to scan with my iPhone 14 Pro, I am unable to get a successful read because the app seems to be defaulting to my wide angle lens. If I move closer to fill the scanning box, it won't autofocus. However, for the exact same barcode, my iPad Air, with only 1 lens, will scan it no problem.

Does anyone else experience issues with smaller bar codes? Has anyone figured out a workaround? My hope was to recruit local staff with phones to scan equipment in their respective locations, but if an entire brand of phones is incompatible, this makes the feature useless.



  • joelsmit94161
    joelsmit94161 ✭✭✭✭

    I don't know how helpful this is but have you tried, Code 39?

  • AFlint
    AFlint ✭✭✭✭

    Unfortunately, we can't change at this time because we have hundreds of items already deployed with the current barcodes. The barcodes predate our use of Smartsheet. My guess is that SS would need to adjust the app to not use the widest angle camera if more than one is available on the device. The fact that I can scan from other devices successfully tells me it is something with the apps compatibility on the iPhone. Was hoping others had figured out a workaround.

    Thanks for the reply