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Deploy Smartsheet Desktop App Updates via Enterprise Software Deployment


We recently made available to our organization the Smartsheet Desktop App. In our organization we do not have Local Admin privileges on most users' workstations. It came to our attention that the Smartsheet Desktop App will not auto update itself without prompting the user for a local admin account. We use SCCM as a deployment tool for software to our agency and were wondering the if your company could offer us the following:

  • Offer a group policy ADMX file or a way to block clients from prompting for updates.
  • Offer a way we can deploy updates in the Smartsheet Desktop App via our SCCM tool so local admin privileges are not required OR release a .msi version of the desktop app as .msi files usually do not require local admin to install.
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  • ti11
    ti11 ✭✭

    We would also appreciate some form of controlling the Smartsheet app, whether through the admin console or install process, or GPO or regkeys or even a config file! Shocked there isn't something already, and if there is I can't seem to find it.

  • jtall.saugus

    Any company commentary on this? especially the required admin privilege for updates? I'd love to package this for Intune, but not if my users will get confused with password prompts they can't possibly get past every two weeks for updates.