Google Docs Merge issues

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Hi Smartsheet Community Brain,

We use the Smartsheet Google Docs Merge tool, but I've recently created a new sheet that I can't find in the Merge Tool when the Google Doc is open.

I'm using the Google account that has access to our Smartsheets, and it can access some of our Smartsheets, but doesn't show some of our newer ones. These sheets were all created/owned by the account that created the ones that currently appear. In fact, they're usually copied sheets of the older ones that can be accessed, and usually with the same access permissions.

For example, we have a Schedule sheet called 'OB Schedule 2022' that was duplicated for 2023, and in the Google Docs Merge tool, the 2022 sheet appears as an option and the 2023 doesn't.

Also, we've been having issues with using the Merge Tool, and can only get Google to let the tool access Smartsheet if we use an Incognito window.

Any advice on where to start looking?




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @dchouston

    I just tested by adding a new sheet, waiting 2 minutes, then searching for it in a new Google Doc and the newly created sheet showed up as an option in the Smartsheet Merge Add-On.

    The fact that you can only use the add-on if you're in Incognito sounds like there may be a cookie/cache issue that's interfering with the functionality. Have you tried using a different browser to see if the sheet shows up there?

    Another reason would be if the account accessing the add-on doesn't have the correct permissions on the sheet. The side bar will tell you who you're connected as in the Doc. If that's not the same email as the account that created the duplicate sheet, check to make sure that email is shared to the sheet.

    Let me know if any of this helped! If not, I would suggest contacting Smartsheet Support through the Support Portal with a video recording of your issue, including what account is connected via the add-on, and a URL to the sheet you're looking for.