link between the completion percentage and the Resources availability

If I modifty the Percentage of completion to 100% in Smartsheet after the first week of a task that was originally planned for 2 weeks. will it increase the availability of the resources for the second week ? Is there a link between the completion percentage and the Resources availability. Can this be managed ?


  • IsaacS
    IsaacS ✭✭✭

    Hi @Louis Gaudet — 

    I don't believe the % completion column will automatically "free up time" for the resource assigned to that row.

    However, one way to manage this would be to shorten the duration of the task once it is complete (like from 10d to 5d) or alternatively to move the "end date" date target to the day it was completed.

    When you do this, and the task is complete and ended in the past, the resource's availability should open up by that % amount on the next working day.

    This does require some manual work, but you could give yourself a signal by using Conditional Formatting to highlight any tasks where complete is "greater than (90%)" or where the end date is within 3 days of today.

    Hope this helps.