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More Intuitive Forms Interface

We need a more intuitive interface for navigating Forms within a sheet. We use forms to collect three different types of feedback from end users (Issues, Questions, Suggestions) for 28 different products. This means our feedback sheet has a total of 84 Forms. It is very difficult to navigate these Forms due to the large icons and the fact that the sorting seems to not be based on Form Name. The following would make it much easier to navigate Forms:

  • The ability to resize the Forms pop-up window, specifically to make it larger.
  • The ability to toggle to a more concise view or list of Forms instead of the medium/large icons.
  • The ability to change the sorting of Forms by Form Name, Date Updated, or Date Added.
  • The ability to search or filter Forms by
    • Keywords from the Form Title.
    • Fields on the Forms
    • Default values set in the Forms such as forms where "Source" field defaults to "Utilization Dashboard"
    • Form Elements such as which Forms allow File Uploads

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