Can you copy specific rows to a new sheet without bringing over child rows?


We do our weekly reports (Good, Brutal Facts, and Help Needed) within SmartSheet (Have 5 levels of Hierarchy with "+" and "-" icons), and our process has gained traction with other teams. We are looking at how to scale our process to accommodate another level of leader (Currently goes from Managers -> Director and Director ->VP). Now we want to add another level (VP -> C-Suite) and we won't be able to have all of the C-Level's direct reports and their respective teams within 1 sheet. We tried to connect our sheet to a new blank sheet, using checkboxes to extract information from our sheet to the blank one. However, if we pull a row that has child rows underneath, it will pull all child rows over to the blank sheet, thus defeating the purpose of connecting them in the first place (goal is to extract and consolidate).

Is there a workaround so that we can extract only the information we want to roll-up? For example, in the picture below, if I check the box corresponding to "August Week 2" is it possible for the blank sheet to only copy that orange row without pulling all child rows below it (there are about 100-200 rows per week, as we currently have about 10 people providing updates on this sheet)

Thank you!

Joe Guerrera