Help for Status Change and Tracking


I am trying to create dashboard widgets from data that I am tracking. For this widget I am wanting to have a graph show the number of people in each status section I have listed: "Not Started", "In Progress" and "Completed". Each employee has an individual sheet with tasks listed along with corresponding start/end dates, so I am wanting to track their progress based off of those dates.

I would like to have their tasks status automictically update when the start/end dates arrive or has passed. The idea that I am going for is that when an employee has a start date/end date in the future the row will be marked as not started, then when the start date is today or in the past with the end date being in the future the row will be marked as in progress, and then when the start/end date are both in the past the row will be marked completed.

Additionally, I would like for when the status updates to any of options listed above that the row be copied over onto another sheet that will be used to view all status's in one area. However, I would like for it to stay linked to the employee's sheet so that the status can continue to update as time progresses.


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