Gantt chart - timeline displays



Please would someone be able to advise if it is possible to have 1 export but with varying timeline levels displayed.

I have had a request from a client to display the current month on the program plan at week level, but the rest of the plan (which stretches out for 6 months), at month level.

I.e. August would be displayed in weeks, September - February in months.

Does anyone know if this is possible at all? and if so, what settings do you use?

thank you


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    Hello @DKL

    Using the Dashboard and two reports, I have come up with a way to display a calendar in Weekly units for this month and a calendar in Months for the next month and beyond.

    First, add the columns This Month, Past Month to the source sheet. (Check Box in the example)

    Set up the following conditional filters for the two reports

    • This month's report: This Month Checked, Past Month Unchecked
    • Next Month+'s report: Both This Month and Past Month are Unchecked.

    Also, set the Secondary Heading in the Timeline Display of the two reports to Weeks and Months, respectively.

    Display the two reports side by side on the dashboard.