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Syncing links between Smartsheet and Salesforce

I use the Salesforce Connector to synchronize information between Smartsheet and Salesforce. One of the fields we want to show in Salesforce contains a link to a project dashboard in Smartsheet. The cell with the link normally contains the project name hyperlinked to the dashboard.

However, the connector will only copy the text (the project name) in the cell and not the hyperlink. It will copy the hyperlink only if the cell in Smartsheet contains the raw link (https://...). This means we have to manually paste the links, because Control Center will not paste the raw links to a project file.

Is there a solution to this? Alternatively, is there a Smartsheet formula to extract the raw link from a hyperlinked cell, and put it in a dummy column just for Salesforce? It would be wonderful if this functionality existed.

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