Data Mesh Error 5636

I am getting error 5636: You have reached the cell limit of 500,000 cells for this sheet. You won't be able to add more than 500,000 cells in this sheet.

My target sheet has another data mesh that works just fine, I am not the owner of the source sheet. Am I correct in assuming the issue is with the source sheet?


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    Hello @Holly_Richardson,

    Are both data meshes set to Copy and Add New, or does the one functioning only Copy? Have you tried manually adding a new row to your sheet to see if that also prompts a capacity error?

    If you're still able to manually add data to your sheet in other ways, I would suggest reaching out to the owner of the source sheet to determine what sheet is reaching capacity. If there aren't already archive sheets in place, my recommendation would be to create archive sheets with rows automatically moving after a certain time period or criteria so your working sheets don't hit capacity limits.

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