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I'm making a conditional checking but during the mapping process, I'm asked to specified a column on where to send it. Since I'm having 2 different columns: "Created By" & "Contact List", I can only specify one (since one person is needed to sign). So I'm creating 2 document builder based on the same template but each having designated a "Created By" column and the other one "Contact List" so I can specify during the automation.

Reason being, the "Created By" column has emails from our form: Sol I'm making a conditional check for older ticket requests to send out a DocuSign based on the "Contact List" so that once we catch up with the ticket requests, we no longer need the "Contact List" and just use "Created By".

However, when asked to include a Tracker for the DocuSign, I already have one set up. Will the new mapping I'm creating be automatically set up with the existing Tracking column?

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  • Jason Albrecht
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    hi @ocanel

    Currently you'll need to create a new column for each mapped docusign.

    I have a similar issue with multiple docusigns and have put in a request to Smartsheet to have them integrated into the one column. You may like to support the request?

    Unified DocuSign tracking column — Smartsheet Community

    Meanwhile, I've created a helper column that updates to completed once the tracking cell confirms completion, hiding the rest from view. For those that want to see the current status I created a report.

    Hope this helps and that you have a great day,

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