Top Forms & Requests Resources

Emily Eberle-Levine
edited 09/12/23 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello community!

Here's some top resources we want to share with folks who want to learn more about Forms & Requests.

Learning Tracks for Forms, Update Requests and Approval Requests are a great place to start if you want a detailed walk through of these features. Check out Automation as well if you've never created a workflow and are eager for more guidance.

We also wanted to highlight two articles that are based on the questions and feedback from folks who stopped by our ENGAGE booth last year: Forms FAQs and Use a URL query string to prefill default values on a form. These articles have some great tips to take your Form usage to the next level.

Do YOU have any top Forms or Request resources you'd like to share, or suggestions for things you'd like us to clarify in our help articles? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy data collection,